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Beyond just Website Designing

by Tony
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Having a website is just the start of an online presence, getting your website seen and found is very much the next step. I understand websites and I don’t just build the best websites on the market but also know how to make a website work for you.


For anyone who has a website the phrase that comes up more than any other is SEO.
Many have no real clue what this is but they do know it is important. I make SEO easy for you to understand Aand implement.

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation or how to get your website seen on Google or any other search engine. It is all well and good having a fantastic website but if no one knows it. Then what is the point?
The idea behind SEO is to bring targeted traffic to your website. This is not as
easy nor is it as difficult as it may seem, it basically needs a little bit of
planning and thinking.

Words and Pictures

Every digital and online marketing agency will tell you that content is king,
and it is 100% true. The design and layout of your website and the content that
you have is all part of getting the right traffic and converting it into the
action you need. Having well written copy, up to date and relevant information
that is unique and not just copied and pasted is vital. Having good images on
your website makes a difference and your website becomes an experience not just
a website. I’m passionate about web design and can help you
make your website appealing and engaging once found.

Beyond your domain

Another component about being found on the World Wide Web is your social
presence. Your social media accounts are powerful elements of your SEO process.
Slowly but surely driving the right traffic to your website having a business
Facebook page for example is almost as important as having a website.

Measuring and Marketing

Bringing everything together with your website and knowing how to maximise it
for optimal results is a big part of what I do. I don’t just build
great websites I help you make them work. I can help you
conquer every aspect of making your website work and making it a tool that
delivers results for you.


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